Make Money Selling NFT Domains On OpenSea

An NFT domain is a type of smart contract that exists on a decentralized blockchain. If you own an NFT domain, you have full ownership of it. This means that you also have the freedom to sell it for a profit, and OpenSea is currently the best place to sell NFT domains.

Demand has been rising steadily, and securing a good NFT domain name could have a big payoff. NFT domains have several advantages over traditional domains. This includes strong resistance to censorship and less vulnerability to hackers and other security threats. As the saying goes, “What happens on the blockchain stays on the blockchain.”

Just like traditional website names, there is also a limited supply of names. If you’re curious about how to do it, just follow our step-by-step guide.

How to Sell NFT Domains on OpenSea:

Step 1: First, navigate to the website of OpenSea and log into your account. If you don’t have one, go ahead and create an account profile. Make sure the NFT domain you want to sell is in the wallet you plan on connecting to.

Step 2: Click your profile photo to get to your profile.

Step 3: Then pick the domain from your wallet that you want to sell.

Step 4: Select the “sell” button.

Step 5: Next, you will have to choose between the selling options. You can choose between the option to sell at a set price or at the highest bid. You can choose either one and fill in all the details.

Step 6: Once you have everything filled in and sorted out, you’ll click the “Complete Listing” option.

Step 7: Now choose a wallet option. If you use Metamask, you’ll click on the “sign in” option under its logo. When using a mobile wallet, choose WalletConnect or WalletLink.

Step 8: Use your phone’s camera to scan the QR code. That’s all. Your domain is now available for purchase. You’ll start earning once you find a buyer.


Well, now you know how to make money by selling your NFTs on OpenSea. I hope you find some gems. Just remember, don’t go overboard and purchase every interesting domain you find. Take your time, be selective and get some experience in buying and selling NFTs before you make a big investment.

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