How to Identify NFTs Worth Buying?

Are you new to NFTs? Non-Fungible Tokens are one of the most accessible ways to get involved in cryptocurrency and make money. The NFT market is growing quickly. Using advanced NFT tools gives you a competitive advantage over other buyers.

Here are a few top NFT research tools to help you make money as an NFT trader:


CryptoSlam provides detailed information about the NFT market. It gives you a cross-chain view of the whole NFT volume and helps you identify opportunities. It’s simple to use because it’s just one page of data that will significantly benefit you.


FlipsFinance is used by many top traders. It tracks the trading history of the top 150 NFT collections. The data available can help you understand the general trend of the collection and can help you make better decisions.


BitDegree offers an NFT tool that helps you discover and analyze Ethereum-based NFT collections. You can sort by protocol, sales, users, and metrics to better analyze NFT projects and trends. It also allows you to build a personal portfolio and easily track the progress of all your favorite NFTs. 


NextDrop is a website dedicated to showing upcoming NFT drops. You can filter the drops by a chain and find interesting projects. It makes the filtering process easy when looking for NFTs. There are tons of projects listed here, so you can find projects with potential by doing the right research.

Icy Tools is a wallet tracker. It provides the activity history of a wallet and an overview of the assets it holds. It can help you discover, track, and analyze trending NFTs. You can actually track the daily activity of a certain wallet by adding it to your watch list. Now you can see what the NFT whales are doing!


These NFT research tools will help keep you informed about what’s happening in the NFT market. Now you have what you need to identify the next big NFT opportunity.

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