How to Create a Meta Mask Wallet

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How to Create a MetaMask Wallet

So, you found a cryptocurrency or NFT project with massive potential, joined their community, and are ready to make a purchase. Now what? To own cryptocurrency, NFTs, or use blockchain services, you need a crypto wallet. MetaMask is one of the most popular and versatile crypto wallets available.

This article will explain how to set up a MetaMask Wallet in four easy steps.

Step 1. Install App or Add Extension 

  • Mobile Phone: On a mobile device, the first step is to install the MetaMask wallet app. This can be done by simply going to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and searching for “MetaMask”.
  • Desktop & Laptop: On a computer, use the Chrome or Firefox web browser to visit the MetaMask website. Click the “Download” button, then the “Install” button to add the MetaMask extension to your browser.

Step 2. Create a New Wallet

Once the app or extension is installed, open it, and you’ll be taken to the opening page that says “Get Started “. After clicking on that button, the next page will ask you whether you previously had a wallet or would like to “create a new wallet”.

I’m assuming you don’t have a wallet, so click on “create a wallet”, then click “I Agree”.

Step 3. Crete a Password 

The next page will ask you to create a password. You’ll need to have a minimum of 8 characters to proceed with it. I suggest that you create a strong password, write it down, and store it somewhere safe. Now click on the “Terms of Use” checkbox and hit “Create”.

Part 4. Create a Backup Phrase 

The fourth and final step is to create a secret 12 word recovery phrase. I recommend you write it down on paper and save it somewhere safe. Because if someone were to gain hold of this phrase, they could have access to your entire wallet. When you press “Next”, MetaMask will perform a quick test to confirm you know the phrase, and once it’s done, your wallet will be activated. When you visit blockchain websites, there is typically a button that says “Connect Wallet”. Click this button, select MetaMask as the wallet type, and follow the instructions to approve the connection. Only connect your wallet to reputable websites that you trust.


Now, you have your own wallet to store cryptocurrency and NFTs. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to a crypto exchange like Coinbase to purchase cryptocurrency, and a marketplace like OpenSea to check out some NFTs.

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